Admin Users

What are Admin Users?

Admin users have the highest level of access and control in a client portal. They typically create the client portal account and have complete access to all features, data, and settings. Admins are crucial for managing the portal’s overall functionality and maintaining secure access, including user roles, data management, and system configuration.

How admin users use the client portal? 

Fine-tuned admin permissions in client portals enable customizable roles across organizations to match business needs. Admin users are tasked to manage the following: 

  • System Configuration. Admins are responsible for provisioning and configuring the client portal to meet specific business requirements.
  • User Management. Their responsibility is to oversee user roles and permissions, enabling them to regulate access to different portal sections.
  • Data Oversight. Administrators have complete control over all data types, including the ability to manage, monitor, and export data within the portal.
  • Portal Customization. Portal admins can tailor the portal according to specific requirements, allowing them to add or change new features as required.
  • Security Maintenance. Admins are responsible for the IT and security aspects of the portal, ensuring smooth operation and compliance with data protection standards.

Can admin users customize the client portal?

They can customize and change the portal by adding or removing functionalities based on the supported feature list. 

Do admin users have access to all portal features and data?

Typically, admin users and owners have complete access to all features and data in a client portal, including reports, billing information, and campaign details.

Are admin users responsible for user management in the client portal?

Yes, they manage user roles and permissions to ensure all users have appropriate access control within the portal based on established parameters. 

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