Calendar View

What is Calendar View?

A calendar view visually represents scheduled appointments, meetings, and events. It enables daily or weekly views to assist users in organizing and planning activities. This feature is particularly beneficial for managing client interactions and team schedules within the portal.

How is it used in client portals? 

Calendar views provide an overview of tasks, appointments, and deadlines in client portals, which improves time management strategies through: 

  • Project Visualization. Calendar view can help users visualize the progression and stages of ongoing projects while checking risks. 
  • Deadline Management. This view helps track and manage project deadlines to ensure all key milestones are on time.
  • Scheduling and Meeting Events. Helps plan and schedule meetings/ events by syncing with individual and team calendars for optimal coordination.
  • Historical Tracking. Maintains a record of past events and project phases, enabling users to review and analyze completed tasks and milestones for future reference.

Can clients interact with the calendar view in client portals?

Yes, clients can typically view and sometimes modify their appointment schedules directly within the calendar view of the portal. 

How does the calendar view help in resource management?

The calendar view aids in effectively managing team resources by providing clear visibility of schedules, availability, and workload distribution.

Does the calendar view integrate with external calendars?

Many client portals allow integration with external calendars, enabling users to sync their schedules across different platforms for seamless planning.

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