Custom Branding

What is Custom Branding?

Custom Branding allows organizations to tailor the portal’s visual elements and design that accurately represent their unique brand identity. Business owners can integrate custom logos, color schemes, fonts, and other branding elements to create consistency within the portal. 

How is it used in client portals?

Presenting a consistent visual identity is an important factor for brand recognition. Client portals often support the following customizations through white-label functions: 

  • Logo and Brand Graphics Integration. Display logos and brand graphics on all client portal pages to create a professional and consistent look. 
  • Customizable Color Schemes. Subtle background, layout, and theme tweaks to provide a consistent and on-brand portal experience.
  • Font and Typography Consistency. Using specific fonts and typography styles to maintain a unified look across different materials and platforms.
  • Branded User Experience. Custom branding is now extended to all user interactions, including login pages, email notifications, client-facing documents, and UI elements. 

Why is custom branding important in client portals?

Custom branding in client portals strengthens the organization’s brand identity, creating a sense of trust and familiarity for clients, which enhances their comfort and confidence in the portal.

Can custom branding in client portals influence client perception?

Yes, a well-branded client portal can positively impact client perception, associating the professionalism and identity of the organization with the client’s experience in the portal.

How does custom branding affect the user interface of client portals?

Custom branding affects the user interface by personalizing visual elements like buttons and navigation to match the organization’s brand aesthetics, contributing to a more immersive and cohesive user experience.

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