Custom Domain

What is a Custom Domain?

Custom domains allow organizations to utilize their chosen domain names over default domains offered by portal services. Personalized domains align closely with a company’s website, boosting brand consistency and recognition.

How is it used in client portals? 

Custom domains are great for reinforcing branding consistency and professional presence, offering benefits for the following: 

  • Brand Consistency. Custom domains ensure uniform branding across an organization’s digital platforms, including client portals, fostering coherent brand identity.
  • Client Trust. By using a custom domain, organizations foster trust and credibility among clients, as it reflects a professional and established brand image.
  • User Experience. Custom domains provide a smooth transition for users moving from the main company website to the client portal, maintaining continuity in user experience.
  • Domain Customization. Organizations can add CNAME, TXT records, or HTML files to their domain’s DNS to customize and secure their client portal domain.

What is the importance of a custom domain in a client portal?

Custom domains in client portals significantly boost brand recognition and trust, offering a seamless, professional experience integral to maintaining a cohesive online presence.

How is a custom domain set up for a client portal?

Setting up a custom domain requires verifying domain ownership, often done by adding specific DNS records or files, ensuring secure linkage to the client portal.

Does using a custom domain affect client portals?

No, it doesn’t affect functionality but enhances the portal’s branding and user experience, aligning it with the organization’s identity.

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