What is a Dashboard?

A dashboard is a user interface or page that offers a summarized, visually accessible view of crucial information, metrics, or functionalities. Designed for efficiency, client portals provide users with a quick and comprehensive overview, enabling them to monitor and manage different aspects of their accounts, projects, or activities. 

How is it used in client portals? 

Portal admins and owners can tweak dashboards to fit their customer needs, the nature of data to be presented, and how streamlined the access needs to be. 

  • Visual Representation of Data. Utilizes charts, graphs, and other visual elements for a clear and understandable presentation. 
  • Customizable Interface. Users can customize their dashboard by choosing widgets, rearranging elements, and setting preferences to display relevant information.
  • Real-time Updates and KPIs. Dashboards present relevant key performance indicators such as project progress, financial metrics, and customer satisfaction scores in real-time.
  • Navigation and Interactivity. A central hub with interactive features for detailed data exploration, navigating different portal sections, or taking actions based on information.
  • Alerts and Notification Systems. Includes alert mechanisms for notifying users about critical events or issues, enabling prompt responses and informed decision-making.

How do dashboards improve client interaction?

Dashboards enhance client interaction by providing a centralized platform for communication, sharing real-time data, tracking project progress, and streamlining workflows.

Can dashboards be customized for different clients?

Yes, dashboards can be tailored to meet clients’ specific needs and preferences, focusing on relevant data and functionalities pertinent to each client’s projects.

Are real-time updates crucial for dashboards in client portals?

Real-time updates are crucial in dashboards for providing the latest information, which is particularly valuable for monitoring dynamic data and making timely decisions.

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