What is Documentation?

Documentation refers to the organized collection, storage, and management of client-related information and records. This includes project details, contracts, communication histories, and other relevant data that supports client interactions and service delivery.

How is it used in client portals?

In-portal documentation serves as embedded assistance that guides users on core portal capabilities, facilitating onboarding and driving adoption for:

  • Reference and Analysis. Documentation lets clients and businesses access past project data for review, which aids in future planning and decision-making​​.
  • Collaboration and File Sharing. Facilitates the sharing and management of documents between clients and businesses, enhancing remote collaboration capabilities​​.
  • Version Control. Helps track document changes, ensures all parties access the most current information, and maintains a history of revisions​​.
  • Diverse File Formats. Accommodates various file types for comprehensive data sharing and access, ensuring smooth operation across different devices and platforms​​.

How does documentation aid in compliance?

Client portal documentation helps maintain records essential for regulatory compliance, providing an audit trail of communications, transactions, and document changes.

Do client portals offer digital signature capabilities?

Many client portals integrate digital signature functionalities, streamlining the process of signing and approving documents electronically and reducing document processing times significantly​​.

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