Knowledge Base

What is a Knowledge Base?

A knowledge base is a centralized digital library that contains extensive information about a company’s products, services, and related topics. The platform is a self-service library for customers and internal teams, offering videos, FAQs, guides, papers, and tips.

How is it used in client portals? 

Client portals use knowledge bases to provide users with searchable repositories of articles, allowing self-service access to information. These libraries are helpful for driving: 

  • Centralized Access Point. Knowledge bases are a hub for customers to access important information, like product details and account history, in one location​​.
  • Autonomous Problem-Solving. Provides resources for customers to independently find answers, streamlining their experience without needing direct support intervention​​.
  • Reduced Support Requests. These repositories help decrease the volume of basic support inquiries, allowing customers to find solutions on their own easily​​.
  • Leaner Support Ops. Allows support teams to concentrate on more complex issues by reducing routine query handling. 

What are Knowledge Base FAQs?

A knowledge base is an online repository of commonly asked questions that provide instant answers to customer inquiries, crucial in a fast-paced customer service environment​​.

Why are Knowledge base FAQs important?

They allow customers to quickly find solutions, reducing the average time to resolve queries and enhancing customer and agent experience​​.

What are the benefits of having Knowledge base FAQs?

They improve agent productivity, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce operational costs by enabling self-service and deferring routine queries to the knowledge base​​.

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