Notification System

What is Notification System?

A Notification System is a feature that manages and delivers alerts, messages, or updates to client portal users. It’s designed to inform users about the portal’s relevant activities, changes, or events, providing crucial information, status updates, or action prompts.

How is it used in client portals?

Notification systems are real-time, customizable alerts that directs urgent responses while logging communications to maintain transparency, implemented in client portals through: 

  • Real-Time Updates. Provides immediate updates on portal activities, personalized to individual users or groups based on roles, permissions, or actions.
  • Multi-platform Notifications. Covers a range of events (e.g., document uploads) and uses channels like email, in-app messages, SMS, or push notifications.
  • Customizable Alerts. Allows users to tailor notification settings and includes actionable elements in notifications for direct response or task tracking.
  • Workflow Integration. Sends alerts for urgent issues and integrates notifications into the portal’s workflow for efficient communication and collaboration.
  • Notification Logging. Maintains a log of past notifications, aiding in tracking communication and collaboration within the portal.

Why are notification systems critical in client portals?

Notification systems are crucial for keeping users informed and engaged, providing timely updates on important events and changes, and facilitating prompt actions or decisions.

How do customizable notifications enhance user experience?

Customizable notifications allow users to control the types and frequency of alerts, ensuring they are only notified about relevant information. 

What is the purpose of actionable notifications in client portals?

Actionable notifications enable users to respond directly to the alert, streamlining processes and saving time, especially in collaborative or time-sensitive situations.

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