Search Functionality

What is Search Functionality?

Search functionality refers to the feature that allows clients to quickly locate specific information, documents, or services within the portal. This feature can help users quickly find the needed data using filters and keywords.

How is Search Functionality Used in Client Portals?

Robust search functionality in client portals allows users to find needed information or documents in the fastest way possible, positively impacting:  

  • Quick Navigation. Users can rapidly locate specific information or pages within the portal without browsing through everything or doing complex navigation. 
  • User Engagement. Simplifying navigation increases the likelihood of users exploring more of the portal, reducing the bounce rate.
  • Data Analytics and Optimization. Integrating search functionality with analytics tools like Google Analytics (through GTM) can provide insights into user behavior. 

How does search functionality improve user experience?

Search functionality streamlines site navigation, making it easier for users to find specific content, thus enhancing the overall user experience and engagement.

How does search functionality enhance prioritization?

It allows users to quickly find and focus on urgent tasks using keyword relevance and recency, aiding in efficient decision-making and task prioritization.

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