System Emails

What are System Emails?

System emails are automated messages sent by a client portal’s system to communicate important information or updates to users. These emails typically include notifications, alerts, password resets, or other transactional information relevant to portal interactions. 

How is it used in client portals? 

System emails can facilitate automated communication, ensuring timely updates and alerts to client portal users. These emails are utilized to facilitate the following: 

  • On-Time Notifications. System emails ensure timely delivery of critical updates, enhancing responsiveness and user engagement with the client portal.
  • Transaction Records. Sends detailed records of transactions or interactions within the portal, offering transparency and traceability for both users and administrators.
  • Client Assurance. Conveys important account and service information, building trust and reliability by keeping clients informed and involved.

Why am I receiving emails from the client portal?

You receive emails from the client portal to provide you with important information, updates, notifications, or confirmations related to your account or activities within the portal.

What types of system emails are common in client portals?

Common system-generated emails include notifications for password resets, account activities, alerts for file sharing, and confirmations of actions taken.

Can system emails in client portals be customized?

Several client portals provide the option to customize system emails that are tailored to specific communication needs and branding.

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