Task Dependencies

What are Task Dependencies?

Task dependencies in client portals are the relationships between tasks that dictate the order in which they must be performed. Essentially, they function like a chain of dominos, where one task’s completion or initiation triggers another’s start or finish. A logical sequence of tasks with dependencies ensures accurate and timely project progression.

How is it used in client portals? 

Task Dependencies, vital for efficient project flow in client portals, enhance client engagement and find application in several key areas:

  • Workflow in Portals. Dependencies determine task sequence in project workflows and ensure correct initiation and completion per requirements. 
  • Automating Task Triggers. Client portals often automate task triggers based on dependencies. When a client approves a document, the next task is triggered.
  • Customized Client Views. Customized views can reflect dependencies, enabling clients to visualize task progress. 
  • Resource and Access Management. Task dependencies in client portals can be used to manage resource allocation and access rights.
  • Client Notification and Updates. Clients receive real-time updates based on task dependencies to stay informed and know when their involvement is needed.

How do task dependencies impact project planning in client portals?

By determining the sequence and schedule of tasks, it becomes possible to create realistic timelines, allocate resources efficiently, and identify potential project risks.

Can task dependencies be adjusted during a project?

Task dependencies can be adjusted as a project evolves, allowing project managers to respond to changes and re-prioritize tasks as needed.

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