Task Label

What is a Task Label?

Task labels are tools for categorizing, identifying, and prioritizing tasks within a project. These features streamline workflow by providing a clear and flexible overview of a project’s progress through color coding. Task labels can be customized to reflect different priorities, types, or other relevant factors, assisting in efficient task management and tracking.

How is it used in client portals? 

Task labels organize different types of duties, enabling users to filter and manage assignments more efficiently, especially around:

  • Task Categorization. Using labels, tasks can be categorized by type, priority, or other factors for organization and clarity, with color-coded labels for quick visual reference.
  • Progress Tracking. Labels facilitate efficient and accurate monitoring of task completion, supporting project advancement and keeping teams aligned.
  • Workflow Adaptation. Allows easy modification or removal of labels as the project needs change, maintaining project flexibility.

What is the purpose of task labels in client portals?

Task labels in client portals serve to organize, prioritize, and visually distinguish tasks, aiding in efficient project management.

Can task labels be customized in client portals?

Yes, task labels are highly customizable in terms of name, color, and function, adapting to the project’s evolving needs.

Can clients view and interact with task labels in a portal?

Depending on the portal’s settings, clients may view task labels to understand the status or priority of their requests, enhancing transparency in client communication.

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