White Label

What is White Label?

A white-label client portal is a customizable online platform designed for businesses to interact with clients using their branding. It offers a personalized space for communication and collaboration, appearing as if developed in-house. This portal integrates with the business’s branding, enhancing client experience by providing a consistent, authentic brand identity.

How is it used in client portals?

White labeling allows full branding customization so clients access services through a familiar portal that builds trust. Client portals apply these concepts through:

  • Customized Branding. Businesses customize the portal’s appearance, including logos and color schemes, to align with their brand identity for a cohesive brand experience. 
  • Domain Personalization. A custom domain reinforces the company’s branding and integrates the portal into its digital presence.
  • Integration with Business Services. Seamlessly integrates with the business’s existing services and workflows, providing clients with a branded service experience.
  • Marketing and Client Retention. Serves as a marketing tool, enhancing brand visibility and recognition, and plays a crucial role in client retention. 

Can I White Label My Client Portal?

You can brand your client portal environment on Ahsuite with your logo and colors. This includes replacing the original software’s name/logo, email notifications, and URLs from the login page. 

What are the primary benefits of a white-label client portal?

White-label client portals enhance client trust and loyalty by offering a seamless, branded user experience. They also improve brand visibility, enable customized client interactions, and integrate smoothly with business operations

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