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7 Best Freelance Writing Websites in 2023

Finding the right online writing jobs can be challenging for newcomers and veteran writers, especially in a highly dynamic industry like freelance writing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about  15,200 writing job openings for writers and authors are projected each year. This reflects the burgeoning demand for digital content.

Are you a new freelance writer hoping to get your first remote job? Or are you an experienced writer searching for the next opportunity to turbo-charge your freelance career? In this article, let’s explore the most popular freelance writing site to help you land the best gigs. 

A Quick Summary of the Best Freelance Writing Websites

From exclusive writing platforms to versatile general freelance writing platforms, there’s something for everyone!

7 Best Freelance Writing Websites

Thousands of freelance websites offer writers, editors, and even AI content developers opportunities. However, not all platforms are created the same; some sites might be optimal based on your experience and expertise. Find your next professional home or first freelance gig with the list of websites for content writers below.  

1. Mediabistro


Known for its industry dominance, Mediabistro is a writing job board specifically curated for media professionals looking for high-quality writing gigs. It’s a popular hub for media professionals seeking freelance opportunities, resources, and services in graphic design, copywriting, social media management, proofreading, and more. 

Mediabistro’s unique fusion of job opportunities and career enhancement tools makes it one of the best sites for freelance writers. Its interactive platform offers an extensive job board alongside dedicated training courses, effectively serving employment seekers and those aiming to polish their skills. 


  • Known for integrity and longevity within the freelance writing industry
  • Offers skill-enhancing training courses and career services
  • User-friendly interface for seamless navigation 
  • Wide range of job opportunities from well-known sites like CNN.


  • Customer service may be less than optimal 
  • Occasional technical issues experienced by users 
  • Valuable resources are paywalled through MB unlimited subscription
  • Fierce competition, not beginner-friendly

2. ProBlogger


ProBlogger is a unique platform among freelance sites because it primarily caters to blogging enthusiasts. It evolved from a blog to an extensive repository of remote writing resources and opportunities. You might find your next project here if you’re looking for an in-depth writing gig. 

The platform’s unique selling proposition is its community of bloggers who share advice, tools, and preferences to improve blogs and catch new industry practices. It is an open space offering many free resources, from courses to podcasts, live events, and webinars.


  • A premium site focused on blogging opportunities
  • A wealth of free resources for content creation
  • Access to jobs and regular content updates with free membership


  • Highly competitive job board due to the caliber of freelancers
  • Some resources like eBooks and courses are paid
    It may not be budget-friendly for freelancers seeking entirely free content

3. Writer Access


WriterAccess offers writing jobs for writers of all skill levels, with orders ranging from product descriptions and blogs to technical content. Its broad talent pool serves diverse industries with services like content writing, editing, and marketing.  Currently, the platform only accepts applications by Native English speakers, but they maintain a no-entry-fee policy. 

The platform performs a comprehensive screening of applicants’ education, writing expertise, SEO and social media knowledge, and the extent of their online authority. Once accepted, writers are assigned a specific level of writing quality based on their skills and experience.


  • No joining fees for freelancers
  • Pay rates tied to skill levels
  • AI-enhanced client-writer matchmaking
  • Supportive community through writer forums


  • Limited access to writer profiles
  • Less control over projects
  • Challenges in finding consistent work
  • High competition among writers

4. Contena


Contena is an all-in-one platform for remote writers and communication specialists. It connects freelancers to high-paying clientele from diverse industries like marketing, healthcare, and technology. Although membership-based, it offers educational resources and a decent mobile experience for workers. 

Businesses hire freelance writers from this platform for various projects like blog posts, articles, ebooks, product descriptions, case studies, and whitepapers. What sets Contena apart is its commitment to freelancer growth. Beyond job postings, it hosts webinars, offers courses, and provides personalized coaching sessions. 


  • Comprehensive job sourcing and learning resources
  • Access to high-paying clients from varied industries
  • Beginner-friendly platform design
  • Resources to elevate your career as a freelance writer


  • Membership can be a financial burden
  • Fewer job opportunities for novice
  • High competition due to extensive user community

5. Contently


Contently shines as one of the top-rated websites for writers for its reputation as the platform for housing high-quality, well-compensated projects within the content marketing space. It caters to various industries, including freelance finance, tech, and healthcare projects. Contently has a network of over 160,000 content creators, including writers, filmmakers, designers, and editors from renowned publications like Wired, The New York Times, and Popular Science. 

The standout feature of Contently is its user-oriented approach. Freelancers can create a writing profile and showcase their portfolio to access the marketplace for free. This, coupled with its clear workflow, user-friendly interface, and flexibility in user roles, makes it an attractive choice for many freelance writers. 


  • An extensive network of professional freelancers
  • User-friendly platform facilitating collaboration
  • Swift payment post-project completion
  • Exposure to high-profile clients like Wired and The New York Times
  • Offers some of the highest rates within the industry


  • Basic, non-searchable portfolio with no filters
  • Uncertain immediate job matches, demanding portfolio updates
  • Hefty yearly client subscription fees
  • Limited job availability

6. ClearVoice


ClearVoice is a content marketing platform that offers managed content creation, distribution, and solutions for businesses. This platform is one of the best websites to find and get writing jobs across various industries. In addition, the platform provides managed workflows that guide freelancers through the content creation process, from ideation to completion. 

Writers can join for free and are paid per word, typically between $0.10 and $0.20. Its simplistic, modern design facilitates easy navigation and efficient project discovery. Though clients are charged for articles, the platform is backed by well-known brands.


  • Simple, contemporary platform design
  • A broad network of industry-specific professionals
  • No freelancers’ membership fees
  • Exposure to a variety of content projects


  • Limited opportunities in certain expertise areas
  • Job matching is not always immediate
  • Client article costs may impact project availability

7. WritingCreek


WritingCreek is an online platform that offers freelance writing jobs for college students, scholars, and beginners. It’s a hot spot for gigs like essays and research papers. It’s a hub for newcomers and experienced freelancers looking to break into academic writing.

The platform can provide a competitive salary based on your domain expertise- $4 to $12 per page based on the project’s nature and the writer’s expertise. Its user-friendly interface and clear submission guidelines make the platform approachable.


  • Simple onboarding process
  • Variety of academic writing gigs
  • Prompt payments (PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill)
  • Helpful feedback from in-house editors


  • Limited opportunities for some specializations
  • No instant job matches; portfolio updates needed
  • Some freelancers find securing clients challenging
  • Lacks defined career progression paths


Now that you have discovered the top-rated writing websites to level up your writing skills, it’s time to take action. Explore these platforms, create compelling profiles, polish your writing portfolio, and start bidding on high-paying projects. Don’t forget to create and provide a high-quality writing sample to increase your hiring chance. 

Remember to tailor your pitches based on the project, showcase your expertise through your projects/portfolio, and demonstrate your dedication to building a successful freelance writing career. Sign up for the platforms that resonate with you and embark on an exciting journey toward financial freedom and writing excellence!

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