How to Embed Databox

How to Embed Databox in Ahsuite

Working with databases and spreadsheets to create an attractive and functional dashboard is a challenge on its own. However, ensuring a seamless data journey is another tough nut to crack. 

Isn’t it frustrating to think your carefully curated reports could be overlooked because clients are hopping between screens? But here’s the good news: By embedding Databox in Ahsuite, you can share polished reports, files, chats, and tasks with clients—all in one platform.

What is Databox? 

Databox is a sleek dashboard and analytics tool that connects data from different sources for data analysis and dashboard creation through 100+ integrations. You can create dashboards from scratch or through public templates. 

Users can tailor their dashboards to show the metrics they care about. Even users with limited to no technical backgrounds can create stunning visualizations. It brings all your data into one access point, giving you a big-picture view of what matters the most in your business. 

What’s more, you can configure Databox to deliver automated alerts on vital metrics. This takes the hassle out of reporting and lets you craft custom metrics with easy-to-use builders. Say goodbye to the fuss of coding and spreadsheets for dashboard setups.

How to Embed Databox in Ahsuite? 

Client portals are inherently designed for ease of usage for admins, clients, and users. Here’s how to integrate Databox dashboards into Ahsuite client portals.

  1. Set up your Databox dashboard with the desired reports and visualizations.
  2. Click the “Share” button in the top right corner of the dashboard.
  3. Select the “Embed” tab and copy the iframe link provided.
  4. Log in to your Ahsuite account and access your client portal.
  5. Create a new “View” and paste the copied iframe link.
  6. Generate and share the portal link with your client.

With this integration, your clients get a user-friendly way to visualize data, helping them make smarter decisions more easily. 

Benefits of Embedding Databox on Client Portals

Let’s discuss the various benefits of embedding dashboards into client portals, and how this integration can provide key advantages for business owners and decision-makers. 


One of the benefits of integrating dashboards and analytics into Ahsuite’s client portal is improving information sharing. The setup centralizes data access and offers timely insights, which supports clients in their analytical endeavors. 

Furthermore, the up-to-date updates equip clients to base decisions on current data, and the customization options ensure their dashboards align with their specific needs.

User Experience

Using dashboards from Databox with a client portal can immensely refine the user experience. You don’t have to check multiple windows just to get a better view of your business data. 

This seamless integration means clients can sift through their data without juggling multiple platforms. In addition, unified branding and design with interactive dashboards make data engagement both efficient and enjoyable.

Business Impact

Embedding dashboards into a client portal brings more than just aesthetics—it boosts client satisfaction, sets your offerings apart from competitors, and enhances overall efficiency. 

By making vital insights readily available, you nurture client loyalty, potentially attracting new clientele. Moreover, this streamlined approach means clients can allocate their time and resources more effectively.

Use Case Example

Consider a marketing agency aiming to provide clients with up-to-the-second campaign results. By embedding their dashboards in a client portal, clients get immediate access to pivotal metrics such as click-through rates and ROI. 

This centralized approach, paired with tailor-made dashboards, empowers clients to craft data-informed marketing strategies. In turn, the boosted user experience and the value derived from insights foster greater client satisfaction, driving the agency’s success.

Wrapping Up

There you have it – we’ve delved into how Databox, a top-tier dashboard and analytics tool, seamlessly embeds into Ahsuite client portals. These tools ensure that clients get real-time, actionable insights at their fingertips.

Ahsuite doesn’t stop there; it further elevates its client portal by introducing enhanced collaboration and productivity tools such as task management and messaging. You can get Asuite’s free forever Starter portal or dive deeper with a 30-day trial of its premium tiers.

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